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Our expert team will reroof ,repair, or build your home’s roof, no matter its current state or age. We work with all kinds of roofs, including:


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Gable Roof

One of the most common roofs, and probably the one you grew up with. Gable roofs are shaped like a triangle with its base resting on top of your home, where its two sides rise to meet the ridge.

Hip Roof

A roof consisting of four equal-length slopes that meet at the top to create a single ridge. Some variations have two shorter slopes, but all are quite similar. With this kind of roof, your shingles will be visible from the street, making them ideal to showcase you shingles.

Clipped Gabble Roof

Also called bullnose, this roof is similar to the gable roof, but its top peaks are bend inwards, creating two small hips at the ends of the roof ridge. This roof helps your shingles become a main part of your home’s style.

Dutch Gabble Roof

This kind of roof is considered a combination of gable and hip roofs. The lower part looks like a hip roof, but on top of this one is the top part of a gable roof, with a single ridge. It is useful for its added attic space.

Gambrel Roof

Commonly associated with barns, gambrel roofs have two slopes on each side, one steep, and one gentle. This gives the attic extra space for storage, or for a loft.

Mansard Roof

With a style hailing from classic French architecture, this roof has four sides, and two slopes per side. The lower slopes are the longest ones, and they can be flat or slightly curved. This roof gives plenty of atttic space, and puts your shingles in the spotlight.

Shed Roof

Once popular for sheds and additions, this roofs are now mostly used in ultra-modern homes and buildings. They look like half a traditional gable roofs, but their sharp angles make them instantly standout.

Flat Roof

Commoly seen in comercial buildings, flat roofs allow to fully use all space within the home, and even they can be styled to use as a second living space.